REL TAM Panel - P&W APPROVED TAM 146040-1

REL TAM Panel: Pratt & Whitney Approved TAM 146040-1 (Mirror Finish)

Order Today! REL, Inc. is offering both TAM Panel – Single, Polished/Mirror Finish and TAM Panel – Twin, Polished/Mirror Finish.

• 250-00104 REL TAM Panel - Single (Polished):  $1,130.00 USD
• 250-00103 REL TAM Panel - Twin (Polished):    $2,260.00 USD

REL has added TAM Panels to its line of World Class NDT Solutions.  REL is now an approved Pratt & Whitney Source Manufacturer of the TAM 146040-1 Mirror Chrome Plate Finish TAM panel.  REL’s Testing and Monitoring (TAM) Panel uses a proprietary, non-clogging, Nickel plating that is heat treated to exact tolerances to produce an environmentally friendly Hexavalent Chromium Free product. 

REL TAM Panel Features:

  • Pratt & Whitney Approved TAM 146040-1
  • Certification for GE Aviation Process Specification P3TF47
  • Rolls Royce Approved
  • REL Designed Green: Hexavalent Chromium Free
  • Panel plating is designed to comply with RoHS, REACH, WEE, ELV, and Proposition 65. 
  • Made in the USA

Your uniquely serialized REL TAM Panel includes:

  1. Protective Case with Panel Certification
  2. Serialized crack size certification documents
  3. Pictures of the manufactured defects (5 each panel)

Add REL’s latest innovation to your penetrant testing inspection required periodic system performance checks.  As always, the only thing better than REL products, is REL’s service after the sale!

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