REL's 2-year LED UV-A Lamp Warranty

Are you looking for a LED UV-A inspection Lamp that can be driven over by a 16,500 lb. forklift and still perform?  Do you need an Inspection Lamp which can literally take a bullet and continue to operate within your rigorous specifications? REL’s Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Lamps are the only answer! They have been tested to work as hard as you do.  Our lamps not only survive the toughest, wettest, and most severe work environments on the planet but also thrive in the face of such adversity.  Now, if you are that special, rugged individual who enjoys a challenge and believes that your reality will put our lamp to the true test, we welcome you to do so.  We are so excited to have our lamps thoroughly tested by you, and your harsh environment, that if you do succeed in breaking the unbreakable we will Warranty the lamp NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  We will continue to Warranty your lamp, FREE OF CHARGE, without question and with sincere appreciation for your tenacity, for 2 YEARS.

REL’s Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Lamp Warranty Policy is quick & painless.  Simply fill out our contact us form, or call 906-337-3018, and provide us with your lamp’s unique serial number, located on the top of your lamp’s military-grade aluminum housing, and we will immediately ascertain your lamp’s Warranty Status.  Once we determine that your lamp is within our standard 2-Year Warranty Period we will have you send the lamp to our facility for Warranty Evaluation and Repair.  We will assign you an RMA and have you forward us the tracking number so that we may anticipate your lamp’s arrival and expedite it through our Warranty Process.  Your lamp will be evaluated, repaired, recertified, and returning to you within two days of us receiving your lamp.  You will receive your repaired lamp, the evaluation report, and a new serialized Certificate of Conformance.  Our priority is to have your inspection operation up and running as quickly as possible without the cumbersome, unreliable, “read the fine-print” warranty bureaucracy so common today.  If our innovative solutions and our indestructible products impress you, allow our phenomenal customer service to absolutely blow you away!