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REL’s C4 Magnum GLO-Black LED UV Light lives up to its name

The toughest black lights in the industry, REL’s C4 Magnum GloBlack LED UV Lights, have undergone another round of vigorous testing. The question is constantly asked, “How tough is it?” The REL test engineers dialed it up a notch in this case. It was decided that a C4 Magnum GloBlack Light would be shot with the equivalent energy of a .45 ACP round! The test was conducted at REL’s firing range where the events are captured with high-speed video. REL’s range has a fixed gas launcher with a 20’ barrel for propelling projectiles up to 3000 ft./sec. A 1” diameter 230 grain round of nylon was constructed and launched at a velocity of 1090 feet per second. Check out the video to see what happened… You will agree that this light is tough!

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