High Intensity Lighting Capabilities at TMS 2017 Show | REL Inc.

REL’s dynamic material testing laboratory (SURE-Test Systems) displaying High Intensity Lighting Capabilities at TMS 2017 Show in San Diego.

REL performs dynamic material testing for material developers and dynamic system engineers. REL also designs and manufactures a highly engineered test platform with a wide range of capabilities: conventional SHPB, dynamic drop tests, quasi-static and cyclical tests, dynamic burst test, acceleration testing, etc. Some more tests/capabilities are listed below:REL SURE-Test
REL SURE-Test Info
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For all the above material tests and many others events, (i.e. ballistic events, vehicle crash testing and dynamic action scenes) effective, durable and easy to use lighting is essential to visually capture all the various aspects of these complex events.REL’s LED lights have been engineered to ‘put light where it is needed’ in all of these events. Come check out some of our high intensity lighting options at booth 1020 at the 2017 TMS Conference in San Diego, February 27th – March 1st.

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