REL's Flat Base for High Strain Rate Testing

REL’s Flat Base is a smart, sturdy, purpose-built platform for all REL High Strain Rate Testing Systems.

Using the precision t-slot mounting system found in high-end milling machines, REL’s Flat Base provides the ultimate in flexibility and certainty for any test setup. Accurately assembled to within 0.001”/foot, with integrated power, accessory rail system, and corrosion-resistant nickel plating, the Flat Base isn’t just a table, it’s a foundation for your entire materials research program.


  • Modular design can scale to any length (10-foot standard sections)
  • Ground, keyed & leveled surface plates for repeatable setups & bar alignment (0.001 in/ft flatness)
  • Integrated T-slot grooves for secure attachment (1/2"-13 T-nuts)
  • Expandable to parallel, double side, worktables for multiple setups and test configurations
  • Double side mounted linear accessory rails facilitate mounting of workstations, camera, lighting, and environmental features while maintaining alignment with test sample
  • Box section main beam for maximum rigidity during high energy tests
  • Power connections prewired at 10-foot intervals for convenient wire management

For more information on High Strain Rate Testing Elements and HSRT Equipment designed and manufactured by REL, contact us at 906-337-3018.