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REL’s GLO-BLACK UV Light introduced at MRO in Dallas

REL, Inc. is exhibiting our latest Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) technology at the MRO America show in Dallas, Texas on April 5-7, 2016. In addition to presenting our SMART iFPI systems, REL is introducing the GLO-BLACK UV LIGHT which utilizes the latest in high output LED ultraviolet (UV) technology. This black light has sleek, lightweight design to maximize operator safety and inspection maneuverability. The emitter contains 4 high flux-UV LEDs and has a built-in electrostatic discharge protection circuit, which is engineered especially for reliable operation in electrostatic spray environments. The GLO-BLACK UV LIGHT provides a large 6-inch diameter coverage area at 15 inches away at intensity above 3000µW/cm2. An 115V wall adapter is supplied but this light can be powered from any 20-56V DC power source. The engineered finned body housing is made of aircraft alloy aluminum. This allows for ‘cool’ operation and on-the-job toughness.

GLO-BLACK UV LIGHT Features & Specifications

· Powerful UV LED: High flux density with peak emitted wavelength of 365nm (pure UV-A)

· Optical Characteristic: Radiant Flux of 2.9 watts

· Built-in Electrostatic Discharge Protection Circuit

· Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity (ESD): >2,000 V HBM; Class 2 JESD22-A114-D

· 99.995% silicon dioxide glass lens (provides excellent UV transmission)

· Meets ASTM UV-A intensity & wavelength specifications for FPI & MPI

Visit us in booth 816 in the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center to see our latest iFPI line and our new GLO-BLACK UV Light.


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