REL’s Latest LED UV-A Lineup Set for the MRO show - April 17, 2017

Much like an auto show where each car companies’ latest vehicles are displayed with their latest technology, REL is lining up their highly-engineered LED lighting products for the world to see at the MRO Americas show on April 25-27.The complete line of products offered by REL in 2017 offers the highest performance and durability of any LED product on the market. The elegant designs of REL’s Glo-Black products embody a coherent simplicity and powerfulness that just feels right. A blow-up of the Nomad-GO below accentuates this point. These ‘game-changing’ certified ASTM E3022 and Rolls-Royce RRES90061 LED UV-lights have passed REL’s toughness testing far above any inspection lamps on the market. Users of UV-A lighting products will see significant value to switch from subpar UV-A lighting solutions to REL's superior American made Glo-Black LED lights.REL’s Glo-Black LED UV-A products ability to ‘unveil’ indications of inspected components is unsurpassed. The complete line of products: Magnum, Magnum-GO, Nomad, Nomad-GO, and the Profusion; are used with fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection. In the aerospace, automotive and oil-gas industries, REL’s light lineup reveals imperfections in the components and structures inspected with these non-destructive inspection techniques.Please visit us at the MRO show in booth 425 to learn more about our LED UV-A products and our turn-key FPI solutions and visit us online at www.relinc.com.