REL's LED UV-A Inspection Lamps

Are you looking for a LED UV-A inspection lamp that can be driven over by a 16,500 lb. forklift and still perform for you? [embedyt][/embedyt]  


REL’s Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Lamps performance, rugged durability, extreme toughness, and proprietary technology can be described with one word, TOUGH. REL’s inspection lamps use the most recent in safe high yield LED UV-A technology. Each lamp module contains a single LED UV-A emitter with a built in electro-static discharge circuit all enclosed in a passively cooled IP67 machined aluminum housing to enable the lamp to perform in all situations paying little heed to surrounding conditions. Our original five lamps (Magnum, Magnum-GO, Nomad, Nomad-GO, and Profusion) are designed for all power prerequisites of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). The Nomad & Nomad-GO are powered by a Milwaukee 18V rechargeable battery. The Magnum, Magnum-GO, and Profusion include a power cord. All lamps are tested and comply with the ASTM E3022 Standard and Roll-Royce RRES 90061 Requirements; and are supported by REL’s 2-year warranty. Each of our lamp’s unique directions of use include:

  1. Remove from impact resistant carrying case.
  2. Drop
  3. Kick
  4. Use

*Note: Steps 2-4 can be performed in any order! View REL’s 2021 Glo-Black LED UV-A lamp catalog at [gallery link="none" ids="9999,9998,9997,9993,9992,9991,10000,9990,9988"] To order your REL Inspection Lamp, call us at 906-337-3018.