REL Spray Can Fixture

REL's LED UV-A Lamp Spray Can Fixture - Ever Wish You Had Three Hands?

Most people aren’t born with three functional hands in the NDT business doing on-site work! That is exactly what is needed when down in the ditch performing mag particle on pipe work. Try holding a spray can, a yolk, and an LED UV-A lamp coincidentally by yourself. This is the problem that REL solved: to overcome the deficiency of three handed people on your work crews. REL’s Spray Can Fixture/Hands Free Applicator (UV-7000) is now available to perform more inspections more efficiently with the same company manpower. Couple the UV-7000 on any REL LED UV-A handheld product to increase your productivity today! This robust attachment comes backed with the same REL quality and guarantee of all of our products! RELentless Innovation and Unsurpassed Service…. This is REL being REL!

For more information or a quote on our Spray Can Fixture, email us at or give us a call 906-337-3018, and check out our entire line-up of Glo-Black LED UV-A lamps.