REL's LED UV-A Lamp Technology

REL utilizes Additive Manufacturing Technology to provide a next generation lens holder solution in Glo-Black LED UV-A products. RELentless Innovation in integrating the most durable product solution for REL customers drove the need to develop a next generation lens solution for REL UV-A lamps. This solution has now been through durability testing on REL products, and is integrated on every hand held lamp that leaves REL’s facility.

This integrated solution has three distinct new components. A monolithic polymeric solution was selected for the lens material. The transmissibility increased over 10 percent with the same energy input! Light energy transmissibility is a measure of how much UV-A energy that can be used for inspection instead of being wasted to heat generation. A 3D printed high strength elastomeric polymer was chosen as the lens cradle to provide toughness, support, and isolation from work environments. A layered filter with an exposed borosilicate glass layer which is 10 times more scratch resistant than the filter material by itself composes the LED driveline that is in every REL UV-A lamp.

These changes challenged REL to look beyond conventional manufacturing processes to create the lens cradle which connects all the pieces. This lens cradle is integral to holding the lens in place and maintains proper orientation and spacing to the LED drive line during the abusive service REL UV-A lamps are designed to withstand. This cradle provides a harmonious coupling to the passively cooled IP67 machined aluminum housing that withstands shock loads over 3,000 g’s and energy inputs greater than a direct hit from THREE .45 caliber bullets! As the user subjects the REL lamp to the outside chaos, the inside components are singing lullabies as they are gently rocked and protected by the 3D printed cradle!

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