REL’s Lightweight Automotive Rotor

Weighing in at just 6 lbs, comes an aluminum MMC rotor developed by REL/Matrix Brakes. This new rotor is built upon the technology found in Matrix Brakes’ motorcycle rotor. Adapting manufacturing techniques developed for Matrix Brakes metal matrix composite motorcycle brake rotors, this automotive rotor has added cooling vents and a built in mounting hub. Compare to industry standard cast iron rotors, these new rotors are 60% lighter while cooling much faster. Benefits for automobiles using these the include: - No rusty rotors - Longer lasting rotors - Improved fuel mileage due to rotor weight savings - Improved handling - Quicker acceleration and deceleration REL/Matrix Brakes looks to make a mark on the automotive industry by the continued development of lightweight components to help make better, more fuel efficient vehicles. For more on REL’s Lightweight Automotive Rotor, click here