REL’s Liquid Magnum and Liquid Nomad Inspection Lamps – February 12, 2019

REL, Inc. has added ergonomic elegance to the Glo-Black family of engineered inspection lamps with the addition of the Liquid Nomad and Liquid Magnum. These two lamps were developed to address Operator Safety and rigorous precision demanded during the inspection of complex part geometries encountered in FPI and MPI inspections. Operator fatigue with the risk of carpel tunnel type injuries can happen in a repetitive motion environment with non-natural wrist flexure. Utilizing a Liquid Glo-Black lamp limits wrist forces to less than 2 OUNCES! This allows the inspector to manipulate the powerful photon stream of UV-A radiation with the dexterity and pinpoint accuracy of a surgeon’s scalpel! The 2-meter length of the liquid light guide also allows for the inspection of depressions in surface geometries with high depth-to-diameter ratios while maintaining fingertip control of the 365nm LED UV-A lamp.

Liquid Magnum & Liquid Nomad Lamp Pricing

The Liquid Magnum (UV-2100) retails at $2,900 and includes a 2-meter light guide, a 10’ power cord, and an 120V plug-in wall adaptor. The Liquid Nomad (UV-2200) retails at $3,500 and includes a 2-meter light guide, two M18 2-amp hour batteries, and a 120V charger. Contact us today for all your LED UV-A lighting needs.