REL’s SURE-Speed: Faster than a speeding ‘bullet’!

The average blink of an eye takes 100 milliseconds. A bullet at 1000 feet per second will travel 100 feet in ‘the blink of an eye’. Clearly the eye is not a very precise instrument to trigger dynamic events. REL created the SURE-Speed sensor for accurate triggering and velocity measurements with 100 nanosecond accuracy! The same projectile from the above example will travel 0.0001 feet (about one third the thickness of a piece of paper) in this time. This obviously allows for an accurate measurement.

The integrated optical gates measure the velocity of any object passing through. It is configurable for multiple setups, English and SI units and can be used to trigger system lighting, camera, and other data acquisition modules for event capture.

The module is keyed to integrate on the REL Flat Base and align with sight windows on the bar accelerator to acquire speed of any striker bar or projectile passing by. This allows researchers to know the exact energy just prior to impact.

Equipment Highlights:
· Accurate up to 3000 ft/sec.
· English and SI units
· Adjustable and durable base and enclosure

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