REL's WS2-K4 LED Lighting: 240,000 Lumens up to 100 Feet

REL has developed the flicker free WS2-K4 adjustable focal length lighting system. This system is configured with 240,000 lumens at 10 million candela and allows the user to capture high speed events up to 100 feet away.  REL’s WS2-K4 is for those who need to really reach out and light up an event that needs to be observed at a distance. The WS2-K4 base module consists of ultra-high intensity LEDs focused through a TIR lens to create a concentrated 4-degree beam to ensure your light energy is centered on the target. The WS2-K4 array includes four base modules and is available with a continuous rated power supply of 2 kilowatts while running on a standard 120 Volt circuit!


  • High intensity, up to 240,000 lumens at 10 million candela
  • Long-range, up to 100’ for safe recording of high energy events
  • Runs at 2 kilowatts on a standard 120V circuit
  • Available with one universal tripod mount kit (UTM-1800) or 4 individual tripod kits (TRM-200)

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