REL exhibits at the Annual SEM show

SEM 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics Experimental Mechanics Spanning Multiple Scientific and Engineering Disciplines REL, Inc. attended the 2015 Annual SEM Conference and Exposition in Costa Mesa, California from June 8-10. The Expo opportunity allowed REL to showcase the most recent developments of REL's SURE-Test Systems™ design and research. The conference attendees were the first to see the newest modular equipment including launchers, bars, and adjustable high-speed camera and lighting mounts. REL Analyst, Brent Halonen, presented “A comparison of feature tracking to 2D-DIC tracking for strain analysis of foams, with a discussion of application to low resolution imaging" regarding recent research focused on REL's SURE-Track™ software for high-speed video strain analysis during impact tests. For more information about REL’s SURE-Test Systems™, SURE-Pulse™ Data Analysis Software, and other Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar equipment and accessories, contact us


Luke, Brady, and Jordan setting up a SURE-Test System™ demo before the SEM 2015 Expo begins.

SURE-Bright™ Lighting Systems and an adjustable high-speed camera mount are the most recent developments in high strain-rate testing equipment. The lighting array pictured above produces over 50,000 lumens.