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SURE-Flat Platform

sure-flat - Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar


SURE-FLAT™ is a precisely engineered, ultra-flat, modular test platform designed for ease of use and excellent repeatability. Its primary feature is a flat and uniform T-slot mounting platform that allows quick and reliable setups for a variety of material testing modules. It is the result of more than a decade of system development and process optimization. Test modules for high strain rate compression and tension, direct impact, quasi-static and dynamic hardness can be setup side-by-side on the same platform. The Wire Management rail adds the flexibility to be running multiple tests using various modules at the same time. After REL performs the initial installation, the system never has to be leveled, aligned or straightened again. Precision keyed components can simply be locked onto the platform with confidence as they will be in perfect alignment and ready to test. The SURE-FLAT™ system is expandable to any desired system length and can be upgraded with a variety of modules and accessories that mount to its universal linear rail system. This insures the system can be outfitted to accommodate future testing requirements as the need arises.


  • Modular design can scale to any length (20-foot standard)
  • Ground, keyed & leveled surface plates for repeatable setups & bar alignment (0.001 in/ft flatness)
  • Integrated T-slot grooves for secure attachment (1/2″-13 T-nuts)
  • Parallel work tables for multiple setups and test configurations
  • Double side mounted linear accessory rails facilitate mounting of work stations, camera, lighting and environmental features while maintaining alignment with test sample
  • Box section main beam for maximum rigidity during high energy tests
  • Power and data connections prewired at 10-foot intervals for convenient wire management


Split Hopkinson Bar - SURE-Flat - REL, Inc
Split Hopkinson Bar - SURE-Flat - REL, Inc
Split Hopkinson Bar - SURE-Flat - REL, Inc
Split Hopkinson Bar - SURE-Flat - REL, Inc
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