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SSLF Model FPI system showcased at ASNT

DSC_0441REL showcased their new SSLF Model FPI system at the ASNT conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 26th.

REL specializes in automating Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) systems. This non-destructive testing process was developed in the early 1900’s to find surface flaws in train wheels. Years ago the fluid was a light-weight oil and the powder was flour. Today, industry uses chemicals specially designed with low surface tensions and fluoresce under specific wavelength light. The principle of the process is to:

1. Apply a penetrating fluid (oil or water based) to the part surface.
2. Allow time (dwell) for the fluid to spread all over the surface.
3. Wash off the excess fluid.
4. Blot the fluid to the surface (if any) by the use of a powder.

This is the only approved process required for finding surface cracks/flaws in non-ferrous parts. All parts in vehicles that fly go through this process when they are manufactured as well as when they are reworked.

The design of the SSLF Model FPI was inspired by the job shop work REL performed for a local company that developed and sold single station parts washers. This compact, efficient, and robust unit was the icon in REL’s Booth 1041 at the ASNT show where we met FPI processing leaders from around the globe. This truly unique package allows for the integration of all of ASTM 1417 process steps (‘the Bible’ for FPI processing) in a compact footprint. The SSLF is the latest offering in the line of Repeatable Exact Logical (REL) processing equipment. Features built into the SSLF Model FPI include:

1. PLC one – touch control
2. Easy CAL – gage calibration, and
3. Power Turn – for ergonomic operator access

During the show, REL heard the comments, “WOW! I didn’t realize the process could be so compact, ” and “Great job containing a messy process in a single booth.”

Contact REL today to discuss your FPI needs! We didn’t invent the process, we are optimizing design and control of the process to ensure REL solutions for your business.


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