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SURE-Bright LED lighting system

Triggering your light source for the event you are capturing at 5 million frames per second is now a ‘piece of cake’ with the SURE-Bright LED lighting system mounted on a tripod from REL. Now you don’t have a chance to lose your camera data because your lighting system didn’t trigger. Just turn it on when you are ready! Gone are the days of using expensive flash bulbs with only milliseconds of adequate non-constant light creating poor background/contrast for data processing or viewing. The SURE-Bright LED light is controlled with a micro controller and integral timer so you can turn the lighting system on when you need it and you are guaranteed to have a constant light source during the entire event. You can take this lighting system wherever you go because it also comes in an awesome box! This Lighting system can accommodate any camera by changing a simple bracket to allow for the centering of the camera in the light ring. This lighting system comes standard with a focal length of 12 inches. At this focal length, the light is one hundred times brighter than the sunshine on a clear summer day!! (over 10 Mlux) Other focal lengths are available on request. Order your SURE-Bright system today by calling 906-337-3018 ext 302!

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