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SURE-Pulse is a user-friendly open-source software enabling rapid training of lab personnel to perform consistent data analysis of high strain rate test events. Developed in-house, with decades of real-world experience, it’s a complete solution for processing and analyzing high strain rate data collected during split-Hopkinson bar impact events.

Streamline your data input process with professional post-processing tools including image analysis, filters, trimming, and statistics. Using the high contrast graphic interface, you can easily manage, display, and report large data sets from a wide variety of signal types and sources. 

SURE-Pulse Software

REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing Elements SURE-Pulse


  • Complete data workspace solution for low to high strain rate testing
  • Included with all REL High Strain Rate Testing system purchases
  • Open source with no additional licensing cost
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Configurable results, reports, and reference data
  • Simplified filtering, statistical, and data selection tools
  • Built-in 2D DIC (digital image correlation) and target tracking with strain map synced with stress-strain curve
  • Standard high-rate analysis plots (stress-strain, stress-time, strain-time, and strain rate-time)
  • Pulse selection tool for SHPB tests

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