REL engineers understand that our customers need solutions for different routes of product flow.

Our Tipple Conveyors are a great addition to your Advanced Material Handling System as they allow the product stream to be diverted to, or combined from, separate elevations of conveyance. The product flow separation techniques we use in our Tipple Conveyors can effortlessly send materials to a completely different process, accumulate materials into a holding area for inspection, or scrap a bad batch of product. REL Tipple Conveyors allow for innovative process design and equipment installations that keep your entire operation running efficiently as possible. 

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REL Engineered Solutions Advanced Material Handling Tipple Conveyor

Tipple Conveyor Features

  • Servo Tipples can divert A-B flows in a second
  • Multiple level control
  • Designed for your product density
  • Complex processing line intersections welcome
REL Engineered Solutions Advanced Material Handling Control Systems

Control Systems

Precision machine control, critical data analysis and automated compliance solutions that increase quality and productivity while keeping operators and your process safe. 

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