REL has created the most robust UV-A lamps available to the world NDT market.

We originally developed our LED UV-A inspection lamps as an enhancement to our non-destructive testing equipment. We couldn’t find another lamp that was up to the demanding use case of ‘REL normal operating conditions.’ These conditions are modeled after reality where products get dropped, kicked, and run over. The lamp product MUST work during and after these sudden and realistic events, in fact, we guarantee it will. When you buy our product, we warranty ANY damage you think should be covered, PERIOD. The result is a bulletproof, versatile, easy-to-use lamp that is sensitive enough for the clean room and strong enough to withstand continuous use in the harshest industrial environments. 

REL inspection lamps are designed for all power and intensity prerequisites of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), and a plethora of leak detection applications as set forth in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, and medical industries. Each lamp utilizes safe, high yield, LED UV-A technology and contains a high flux LED UV-A emitter with a built-in electrostatic discharge circuit, robustly coupled to a passively cooled IP67 machined military-grade aluminum housing to enable the light to perform to specification and your expectations!

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting UV-A Drop Kick Use

Directions for Use

  1. Drop
  2. Kick
  3. Use

*Steps can be performed in any order.

REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting UV-A OP MI RS

REL’s Profusion overhead UV-A inspection lamp modules are expandable and configurable to your specific inspection area. This modular system was designed for a fixed inspection area envelope. These lamps are typically mounted over a table or other designated inspection area. In fact according to our customers, ‘You can hit it with a crane and it still works!’ 

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting Profusion XW Inspection
Profusion XW

REL’s Profusion XW IP68 rated overhead lamp builds on the classic Profusion to offer 7x higher output and a wider coverage area in a light head of equal frontal area.  Massive amounts of UV-A wavelength emission in a small package! 

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting UV-A C4 Magnum MI RS Shot
C4 Magnum

REL’s C4 Magnum corded inspection lamp utilizes the latest high output UV-A LED technology for non-destructive testing and leak detection. This was the first LED UV-A lamp developed by REL for extensive internal and external extreme work environment testing.

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting UV-A C4 Magnum-GO Tire Test

C4 Magnum-GO

The REL C4 Magnum-GO corded LED UV-A Lamp integrates both UV-A and white light emitters for critical indication verification in inspection environments. This lamp was initially and specifically designed for oil field workers and suppliers who continually verify REL’s directions for use. Drop. Kick. Use.

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting C4 Nomad VS Power
C4 Nomad

REL’s Nomad cordless UV-A inspection lamps bring M18 R Milwaukee powered portability and technology to the classic C4 Magnum body. REL’s LED driver technology integration with an ‘auto out of specification shut-off’ is gaining industrial support for safer cordless inspections. 

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting C4 Nomad-GO VS Power
C4 Nomad-GO

What do you get when you cross REL’s C4 Magnum-GO with Milwaukee-powered portability? You get the job done. All the portable and auto-out-off features align with the C4 Nomad with an additional visible spectrum emitter so you can find your way to the job (or home). 

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting UV-A Liquid Magnum MI RS
Liquid Magnum

Use of liquid emission guides to provide ergonomic elegance to solve the challenges of inspecting confining and complex part geometries. This lamp couples the ergonomic elegance of cutting-edge components in a REL package that has and will survive the toughest areas of UV-A inspection! 

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REL Glo-Black SNAPSHOT-UV - Record your indications with a REL integrated GoPro HERO9TM

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting UV-A FPI Mobile Nomad Test Kit
FPI Mobile Test Kit

“The only complete mobile testing kit available to the fleet.” NSN:6850-01-676-2205 is the ‘new legacy’ mobile FPI kit. 

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REL Engineered Solutions LED Lighting M Inspection
UV-A Lamp Accessories

All of our accessories are built tough for OUR lights. 

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REL's NOMAD-ASCENT LED UV-A Lamp is IP67 rated and comes with a 5-year warranty.  The NOMAD-ASCENT is LED UV-A power in the palm of your hand, or hands free! 

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Certifications & Compliances
NATO Commercial & Gov. Entity Cage Code 5DLA1
IP67 Rated - Dust Sealed & Waterproofed
IP68 Rated - Dust Sealed & Waterproofed
Star Test Panel Designed Certified
Star Test Panel Designed Green
2 Year Warranty Guarantee