WS1-K - 16" LED Ring Light

A reliable continuous duty LED Light built for 10 million frame/sec events is now a reality with the REL Visible Spectrum WS1-K.

Improve both your image quality and your data by focusing a precise, constant power, LED light beam directly at your subject. The WS1-K - 16” LED Ring Light encircles the camera lens to eliminate shadowing and uses a simple handheld controller that allows the head to be turned on easily while guaranteeing consistent exposure levels during the event. The WS1-K comes standard with a focal length of 12 inches, generating greater than 10 Mlux of high-intensity light. Other focal lengths are available upon request.  The WS1-K can be used with any camera as it uses a simple, bracket-based, centering system. It’s also extremely durable and machined from military grade aluminum.


  • High intensity fixed focal point light source (10 Mlux peak intensity)
  • Illumination for up to 10M frames per second in many configurations. 
  • 100% Duty Cycle at Maximum Output
  • Low IR with minimal sample heating
  • Precise dimming output control using handheld remote 
  • Tripod options available and will work with any camera.
  • Durable and portable. 
  • Dimensions: 16” OD x 6” ID x 2” Thick Ring
  • Product Weight: 15 lbs.