WS2-K 14” LED Hexagon

REL’s WS2-K was built for capturing energetic events, at millions of frames per second, from 2ft to 100ft working distances.

The WS2-K panel is a smaller version of our full WS2-K4 array. Utilizing a single WS2-K panel to deliver 60,000 lumens at 2.5 million candela. The ultra-high intensity LEDs are focused through a TIR lens to create a concentrated 4-degree beam to ensure your light energy is centered on the target. The long working range allows a safe distance from the source event for equipment protection. Mounted on a single lightweight tripod, this package is more mobile and flexible than the full WS2-K4 array with the sample high-intensity beam.


  • High intensity, up to 60,000 lumens at 2.5 million candela
  • Long-range, up to 100’ for safe recording of high energy events
  • Runs at 600 watts continuous on a standard 120V circuit

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