WS4-K, 2.5" LED Square

REL’s WS4-K LED: A Tribute to Power in Small Packages!

The REL WS4-K is the most robust form of visible spectrum LED power. The WS4 is now REL’s Certified 100 g light. Sled testing has demonstrated multi-axial survivability of the lamp subjected to 150 g’s for a time duration in excess of 15 milliseconds! The tuned high-efficiency pin-fin fan-sink design cools the 30 LEDs as they output an explosive 16,000 lumens of continuous light power during your high speed capture event!

The WS4 light module has an assortment of standardized mounting points on each side that allows it to be used individually with common tripod and ram mounts or linked together in larger patterns with custom mounts. With a standard beam angle of 15 degrees with options for angles up to 60 degrees and custom color emitters, the WS4 can be tuned or scaled to your application.


• 225 W continuous power supply
• 16,000 lumen
• 15 deg beam
• 1.0m spot @ 4m
• 10.5 klux @ 4m
• 164k Candela
• Light head size: 2.5" x 2.5" x 4.25" x 1.2 lb

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